Extraordinary treatment

Extraordinary treatment can be requested for that day in our clinic from Dr. András Erbszt, lead physician,
outside regular hours for an additional fee of HUF 25,000

Medical examinations and treatments



First doctor’s consultation
HUF 20,000 Ft
Discounted prices for students and pensioners
HUF 15,000
Medical controll examination
HUF 12,000
Discounted prices for students and pensioners
HUF 10,000
Joint injection
HUF 10,000
Infusion treatment (per visit)
HUF 10,000
Infusion treatment (5 treatment)
HUF 35,000


Physiotherapy (45 minutes)
HUF 8,000
Physiotherapy (5*45 minutes)
HUF 33,000
Rehabilitation training (per visit)
HUF 7,000
Rehabilitation training (5 visits)
HUF 30,000
Manual therapy (per visit)
HUF 10,000
MManual therapy (5 visits)
HUF 34,500


Massage treatments (50 minutes)
HUF 9,000




Full physical condition survey
HUF 25,500
Conditions survey for professional athletes
HUF 19,500
Condition survey for patients suffering from allergies
HUF 15,000
Customised treatment
HUF 6,500 per treatment
HUF 7,500 per treatment
Program for supporting quitting smoking
HUF 5,000 per treatment
Relaxing therapy and condition survey with an additional treatment for free
HUF 7,500
HUF 5,500 per treatment
Detoxification and strenghtening the immune system
HUF 3,500 per treatment