Pesti Viktória


Viktória Pesti is currently on maternity leave, we look very much forward to having her back at the clinic.

Thanks to my parents I have came to love sports and the active lifestyle already from an early age. It was during my highschool years when it became clear to me that I would like to do this for a living.

At the age of 17 I have completed a course in swedish massage and began working at a hotel near Lake Balaton. This is when I realised that I enjoy working with people and helping them and I soon decided that I would like to be a physiotherapist.

Following my previous employment I have spent 5 years working at the locomotive department of the Saint Kozma and Damján Rehabilitation Hospital. Here I have gained valuable experience in the rehabilitation of orthopedic, rheumatic and traumatised patients. This is where it became clear to me that how many illnesses stem from sedentary lifestyle and that these ill effects can be reversed using targeted treatment. Since I have always been interested in manual therapy I have completed a course in Dorn and Breuss Therapy and I am currently learning the Barvicenko manual therapy.

In 2012 I have also completed a course in kinezio-taping.

In addition to adults I also specialise and attend to child patients. That is why I am planning to master the Schroth therapy and the Dévény method in the future.

I have joined the Doctorfit Spinal Clinic in 2014, where I do my best to help our patients regain or even to have a better health condition then before their treatment, helping them to reach a better quality of life.