Movement and physical activity was always at the center of my life. I started my sports carrier as a gymnast but found the ultimate form of movement in athletics. I managed to become national champion or finish in the top finalists on numerous occasions as a triple jump athlete and have also managed to compete as a Hungarian national team member. Unfortunately however, this all had to stop due to a serious knee injury.

Since my mind was always busy with thinking about sports, it was obvious that I would pursue my education in this direction. I have grown to love and learn the mysteries of the locomotive parts of the body during my years at the Faculty of Physiotherapy at Semmelweis University and „thanks” to my knee injury I have experienced the frustration that people feel when a part of their body does not function properly, obstructing us in what we love or even during our everyday life.

It was obvious during all of my studies that physiotherapy and orthopedy will be the areas of expertise which interest me the most. The first time I have came into detailed contact with spinal diseased was at the time of my thesis, where the focus of my research was spinal and back pain. This was also the period when I got to know the methods of segment stabilising therapy.

I have been dealing with the treatment of orthopedic diseases already during and after my time at the university. As their physiotherapist I have been helping the women’s football team of Astra HFC (silver medalist of the first division of the Hungarian championship in 2014) to prevent injuries and to enhance their rehabilitation.

My goal during my work at the Doctorfit Spinal Clinic is to help my patients achieve such a general awareness of their motions and body, which will aid them in recognizing the right movement for a specific activity even after our therapy and to help them in perceiving their own locomotive organs and systems. This also means that the roots of their symptoms must be found and understood, as back pain has a complex background with multiple causes. For this reason it is important to re-establish the limits of load on the patient, during which I use the methods of the Dorn therapy. The essence of the method lies in correcting the length of the limbs, as well as the loosening of the vertebra blocks and other soft tissue blocks.

Furthermore, during my work I also find it very important to establish such a human connection with my patients in which they can freely approach me with both their professional questions as well as their worries with absolute trust.