Galiotti Gábor

medical- and sportmasseur as well as Yumeiho therapist


Chairman of the medical and alternative massure department of BKIK

Chairman of the Hungarian Yumeiho association,

tel.: 06-30-520-1126

My professional career started with an injury which unfortunately ended my sporting success of thirteen years. In order to achieve recovery, one treatment followed the other but I managed to get the best results from a special massage technique. The effects of this experience led me to the decision– in spite of having a degree in hospitality- to choose massage therapies and other similar treatments as my professional occupation.

I have received my sportmassure degree in 1986, shortly after I worked alongside the Hungarian national handball team which allowed me to take part in their success during the upcoming world championship and olympic games.

In addition to my sportmasseur job, I attended to organisational and tutoring tasks at the Budapest Naturopath Association and joined the team of Helia Gyógyszálló as department manager.

With the support of the Association and the hotel, I managed to create a masseur-training course which remains active until this day.

I dedicated myself to the Yumeiho therapy in 1994. I have successfully concluded a level 3 therapist qualification as a member of the Hungarian Yumeiho Association and have continued to successfully acquire the level 4 qualification in 2002. In Tokyo 2016, I have managed to acquire the level 5 qualification in front of two masters with level 7 qualification and a master with level 6. With this level of qualification, subject to an adequate international contract, I am entitled to teach and qualify others or even establish an own school anywhere in the world.

The members of the Hungarian Yumeiho Association have voted me into the presidency of the organization and chose me to be chairman in 2009, which position I have retained since then.

We have established a medical and alternative medicine department in 2012, of which I have been voted as chairman since 2013. In 2013 I have been asked to prepare the educational plan of the medical and sportmasseur profession and to establish the required qualification and professional standards. We have managed to have sports and medical masseur registered as a separate educational module with its own degree. This is why we have created a separate individual educational plan and qualification standards for this profession which became effective in 1 September 2016 in Hungary. Following the above, we have created the medical masseur master degree and all of its professional content and in 2016 we have been asked to revise the complete sportmasseur master degree.

I will continue to work for my profession, as this is not my job, this is my calling.