<h1>Erbszt Ádám</h1>
<h2><em>Rehabilitation coach</em></h2>

Since I was a small child, I have had a strong relationship with sports and movement. I have been constantly doing sports since the age of 6, my focus turning mostly to martial arts (judo, kempo). I was an active athlete until 2009, after which –during my years at university- I remained active as a professional coach.

I have received my qualification as a professional coach in 2012 at Semmelweis University Faculty of Sports and Physical Education, furthermore I have also successfully passed my SFG instructor training. Currently I am working as a coach at the Budapest Honvéd Judo Department and the Doctorfit Spinal Clinic.

My goal as a rehabilitation coach is to create an endurance-enhancing training program by combining elements of the „Spine without pain” rehab-program protocols and my experience as a professional athlete and training coach, which is capable of giving back people the freedom and joy of movement, hereby helping their recovery. I firmly believe, that my consistent professional-training oriented perspective used in training situations, are also very useful in case of rehabilitation training situations, with the word of Péter Lakatos – „You are also an athlete.