Dr. Bognár Judit

pharmacologist, healthcare economist, naturopath

„Looking at my 8 year-old child, I would like to help parents both as a mother and as a colleague in recognizing any structural or functional anomaly in their child’s spine in time. To prevent the development of adult spinal complaints with proper care and to grow up as active children full of energy and a healthy musculatory system.

I have obtained my pharmacology degree in 1992, my doctoral title in 1994, my second degree as a healthcare ecnomist in 1996 and my qualification as a naturopath in 2004. I got to know the Doctorfit lifestyle-philosphy in 2000 which caused me to pay increased attention to the possible treatments of –in connection to my work at the spinal clinic- civilizational and spinal related illnesses

First I joined the conservative treatment of spinal patients in cooperation with the spinal surgeon as a MORA therapist, using the possibilites of the MORA system, its diagnostic and treatment programs, extending them to the therapeutic areas of locomotory complaints, acute and chronic inflammations and joint pain.

In 2009, I took on a new role in the prevention program of the spinal clinic. I planned the protocolls of the screening program for spinal patients and I have started organizing and coordinating the children and adult instrumental screening pogram. Cooperating day-to-day with professionals, analysing and learning about indicative figures, I see my main task in performing the preventive screening of the 5-14 age group, drawing the attention to prevention, regular physical activity, sport, the strenghtening of core and spinal muscles, optimal body weight and the need for orthopedic examinations at the right time. I have taken part in the examination of patients arriving already with complaints and if needed, in coordinating their medical treatment and individual rehabilitation program.